What Does Stretching Do for Your Body? Benefits of Stretching

Stretching retains our muscle tissues versatile, cellular, and robust. Study the advantages of stretching and how you can begin a stretching routine

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Stretching retains our muscle tissues versatile, cellular, and robust. By stretching your muscle tissues and the fascia, or connective tissue, that surrounds them, you’ll be able to relieve pressure, scale back physique aches, enhance your posture, and extra.

What are the advantages of stretching?

  • Wakes up your physique: Your physique detects modifications in muscle size and motion whereas stretching and prepares to grow to be energetic by growing blood move. Elevated blood move all through the physique causes you to really feel extra awake and energized all through the day.
  • Improves flexibility: Stretching permits your muscle tissues to maneuver extra successfully, bettering vary of movement and suppleness and lowering the resistance in your muscle tissues throughout train.
  • Prevents accidents: Heat-up stretches scale back your threat of damage by prepping the muscle tissues for peak efficiency earlier than a strenuous exercise. Elevated blood move to the muscle tissues may also assist reduce soreness after train
  • Relieves aches and ache: Releasing muscle tissues that get tense because of extended sitting or different actions can present aid from stiffness and ache. Stretching additionally promotes joint floor circulation, which reduces arthritic discomfort. 
  • Scale back stress: Stretching will help relieve the consequences of stress in your physique. When mixed with deep respiration workout routines, stretching will help decrease your coronary heart price and stabilize your blood stress, leaving you in a extra relaxed state.
  • Promotes sleep: Research have proven that individuals who stretch regularly go to sleep quicker than those that don’t.

Learn how to begin a stretching routine

Whereas stretching is pretty easy, it’s vital to do it mindfully:

  • Embrace it in your each day routine, stretching for 30-45 minutes all through the day.
  • Be sure that to put aside a selected time for it (for instance, within the morning or earlier than and after a exercise).
  • Earlier than stretching, carry out warm-up workout routines akin to mild strolling or jogging for a couple of minutes.
  • Every stretch ought to be held for a minimum of 30 seconds on all sides of your physique.
  • Start slowly with a couple of stretches and progressively enhance your capability over time.
  • In case your job requires you to sit down in a single spot in entrance of a pc for hours, take a break and stretch for 5-10 minutes.

Stretching methods embrace:

  • Static stretches: Stretch one muscle group at a time till you’re feeling pressure after which maintain till your muscle feels extra relaxed. When stretching deeply right into a muscle group, make sure that to not maintain your breath however to actively breathe by means of it.
  • Dynamic stretches: Use momentum to progressively enhance the vary of movement of a joint or muscle. Attempt these earlier than a exercise to get your muscle tissues prepared.

How can I keep away from hurting myself whereas stretching?

When stretching, it’s vital to make use of the right kind to keep away from threat of damage: 

  • Do not stretch past consolation. Stretch solely to the extent that your physique permits.
  • Don’t stretch if in case you have a muscle damage. Skip stretching till you have got healed.
  • Don’t bounce. This may end up in muscle/tissue tears.
  • Do not overdo it. Keep away from stretching the identical teams of muscle tissues an excessive amount of, as this may trigger harm.
  • Don’t stretch instantly after consuming or consuming. This will trigger nausea or discomfort.


Strolling can keep your physique weight and decrease many well being dangers. True or false?
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