What Is A Melasma Mustache + How To Fade Upper-Lip Dark Patches

A “melasma mustache” is actually simply hyperpigmentation gathered over the higher lip, therefore the identify. Some might expertise melasma in different areas of the face, just like the brow and the cheeks, however the upper-lip space is tremendous frequent.

“Though melasma can happen in males, it is rather more frequent in ladies and extra frequent in these taking oral contraceptive drugs and through being pregnant,” board-certified dermatologist Rebecca Marcus, M.D., tells mbg. 

Scientific research present that UV radiation is the commonest preliminary set off of melasma, in addition to the primary issue exacerbating preexisting patches. “Even a tiny little bit of solar could cause melasma to flare in those that are vulnerable, and even warmth, within the absence of solar, has been identified to trigger a flare,” Marcus says. 

Hormones are additionally a standard reason behind this sort of hyperpigmentation (which is why it is generally triggered by contraception drugs and being pregnant), although it is unclear if the upper-lip space is extra incessantly affected by one in all these triggers or the opposite.

Nonetheless, if you’re solely experiencing hyperpigmentation above the lip, chances are you’ll need to look into your skincare practices as properly—hair elimination strategies included. “I consider that melasma flares within the upper-lip space are incessantly triggered by hair elimination. Whether or not laser (warmth plus mild) or mechanical trauma from waxing or threading, sure hair elimination modalities can set off irritation which will result in a melasma flare-up,” Marcus explains. 

So whereas the actual cause for the melasma mustache continues to be barely unknown (particularly if different patches of hyperpigmentation aren’t current), hair elimination could also be one thing to think about. 

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