What the color of your snot means

Snot can are available almost all shades of the rainbow. And every shade of snot – additionally known as mucus or boogers – tells you one thing totally different about what’s happening inside your physique.

“Completely different colours of mucus might help inform you one thing, however they don’t all the time imply as a lot as lots of people suppose,” mentioned Alyssa Smolen, a sophisticated apply registered nurse at OSF HealthCare.

The inside track on mucus

Mucus is without doubt one of the physique’s pure methods of safety. It does issues like lubricate the esophagus to make it simpler for meals to slip all the way down to the abdomen, and it coats the liner of the abdomen to guard from naturally occurring acid.

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Our sinus, head and neck areas are naturally very moist environments, which signifies that these areas are generally gathering locations for mucus when our our bodies try to ship us a message.


“Usually, mucus is obvious. When you’ve gotten a chilly or an infection, it would flip inexperienced or yellow,” mentioned Alyssa.

Clear snot often alerts allergic reactions or some sort of environmental issue that’s triggering your nostril to begin operating, similar to inhaling mud or allergens. Clear snot is nothing to fret about. If it’s an inconvenience, an over-the-counter medication might help relieve the runniness.


While you blow your nostril and see yellow boogers, that often means your physique is preventing an an infection. The yellow coloring comes from white blood cells which have rushed to the world to struggle off the an infection.


Inexperienced mucus signifies that the an infection is a bit stronger. The inexperienced coloring signifies that numerous white blood cells have been working additional time to struggle the an infection. The an infection will finally go away, but when your snot remains to be displaying up inexperienced after 10-12 days, discuss to your well being care supplier.

Whereas yellow and inexperienced are the most typical colours we often see when we have now allergic reactions or are preventing an an infection like a chilly, we might often run into another colours.

Crimson or pink

Crimson or pink snot means blood, however don’t be alarmed.

“Blood in your mucus is most frequently brought on by irritation of the nasal tissues. This usually happens with viral infections or allergic reactions attributable to frequent nostril blowing or use of nasal sprays that will trigger the tissues to turn out to be dry,” Alyssa mentioned.

“So long as it’s a comparatively small quantity of blood blended with mucus, it’s not one thing to worry over. If bleeding is steady and doesn’t cease with strain, you have to be evaluated by a well being care supplier.”


Equally, brown snot is probably going an indication that you just had a lower in your nasal passage sooner or later that has since healed. Dried blood often exhibits up brown, so your mucus might be simply blended with previous blood.


Black snot can imply just a few various things. Individuals who smoke will typically discover black snot due to the chemical compounds they inhale whereas smoking.

Black snot also can seem in the event you’ve been working in an surroundings with mud or dust. In that case, your physique is simply doing its job to eliminate no matter irritants made their method into your nostril, and the mucus will filter out the mud, soot or dust naturally. Nonetheless, black snot also can imply a critical fungal an infection. If the black snot doesn’t go away, discuss to your well being care supplier immediately to unravel it.

So, when your nostril begins operating, be ready to see nearly any shade of the rainbow! And now you understand what, if something, you could do about it.

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