What to do if you think you have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

An estimated 5 million girls within the US reside with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). This advanced situation can hinder fertility and is related to metabolic points resulting in diabetes and coronary heart illness.

For those who’ve been recognized with or suspect you’ve PCOS, it’s vital to know what this implies on your well being and when it’s vital to see a physician.

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What’s polycystic ovarian syndrome?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome happens when your reproductive hormones are out of stability.

“It’s a situation that ends in irregular and rare ovulation,” mentioned Joseph I. Fernandez, MD, an OBGYN on the medical employees at Baylor Scott & White Clinic – Spherical Rock. “It normally begins after a girl begins her menstrual cycles or goes by way of puberty.”

Medical doctors and researchers aren’t certain precisely what causes this situation, however they believe that genetic components play a major position.

PCOS signs

Widespread indicators of PCOS embody:

  • Weight problems or weight acquire
  • Zits and/or oily pores and skin
  • Infertility
  • Elevated hair progress on the decrease physique, face or chest
  • Thinning scalp hair
  • Pelvic ache
  • Sleep apnea

These signs are partly a results of the overabundance of male hormones that include PCOS.

“The identify is descriptive of the very small, inactive cysts which can be quite a few within the ovaries,” Dr. Fernandez mentioned. “They seem like strings of pearls.”

Usually, these fluid-filled sacs, referred to as follicles, break open throughout ovulation, releasing the egg into the fallopian tube. However, in girls with PCOS, the sac by no means matures or breaks, and the follicle stays, stopping ovulation. 

Tips on how to know you probably have PCOS

There’s no single take a look at to find out you probably have PCOS. A bodily examination, ultrasound and blood assessments may also help your physician decide you probably have the situation. Whereas there are some variations within the analysis course of, PCOS is commonly recognized based mostly on the affected person’s historical past.

To find out you probably have PCOS, your physician will examine that you’ve at the very least two of the three following signs:

  1. Irregular durations or no durations, brought on by lack of ovulation
  2. Larger than regular ranges of male hormones, leading to extra hair on the face and physique, zits, or a thinning scalp
  3. A number of small cysts on the ovaries

“Generally, these people will go months and not using a menstrual cycle,” Dr. Fernandez mentioned. “That’s most likely going to be their preliminary signal.”

Therapy choices for PCOS

As a result of PCOS is most frequently (however not at all times) related to weight problems, wholesome modifications reminiscent of losing a few pounds and growing bodily exercise may also help lower signs and stop metabolic points like diabetes or elevated lipids.

The sorts of therapy for PCOS might rely on whether or not or not a girl plans to turn out to be pregnant.

“For ladies who should not prepared to realize being pregnant, oral contraceptives can be utilized to control their cycles,” Dr. Fernandez mentioned. “It’s vital for ladies to have their cycles as a result of when these girls don’t ovulate, they’re uncovered to larger estrogen ranges, which may have implications later like an elevated danger for uterine most cancers.”

Different hormonal strategies like an intrauterine machine (IUD) will shield the uterus lining from estrogen publicity.

“For these desirous to get pregnant, many occasions the therapy requires a change in weight loss plan and train and the inclusion of an ovulation agent just like the treatment Clomid,” Dr. Fernandez mentioned.

Based mostly in your private well being and life-style circumstances, your physician will be capable of advocate the best therapy choices for you.

What do you have to do in case you suspect PCOS?

Early analysis is the very best protection towards this situation to reduce the impact of male-like hormones in your physique.

“It’s actually a situation that needs to be taken care of as a result of it will probably trigger fertility points and result in metabolic, cardiovascular and diabetic points sooner or later,” Dr. Fernandez mentioned.

The excellent news is, with wholesome life-style modifications and the best care staff in your facet, you’ll be able to dwell a full life with PCOS and obtain your loved ones targets. For those who assume you might need PCOS, discuss to your OBGYN about subsequent steps.

Don’t have an OBGYN? Discover one close to you at present.

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