Why Do I Have 1 to 3 Sharp Little Chin Hairs That Keep Coming Back?

“Each girl you recognize is combating a lifelong battle towards a single chin hair.” That viral tweet, just lately written by slapstick comedian Julia Claire, has garnered greater than 41,000 likes and counting—so it feels like she may be onto one thing.

Hey, we’ve actually been there. Typically you simply occur to catch a glimpse of your self within the mirror and out of the blue there’s a chin hair proper there, in all its glory, protruding from the identical spot it at all times mysteriously seems in, despite the fact that you may swear you plucked that sucker like a month in the past.

Responses to Claire’s tweet might have been simply as relatable as the unique thought: “You by no means see it rising. It’s both freshly plucked or 3 inches lengthy,” one particular person tweeted. “That factor shouldn’t be of this realm. Darkish forces summon it in a single day as a result of I can’t settle for that it’s been rising all this time and I didn’t discover it till it was Rapunzel size,” one other added.

After all, chin hair (or any facial or physique hair, for that matter) is “completely regular in everybody” and nothing to be ashamed of, no matter your gender, Susan Massick, MD, affiliate professor of dermatology on the Ohio State College Wexner Medical Heart, tells SELF.

That stated, it’s additionally completely effective in the event you desire to take away any of your physique hair, together with those in your chin that seemingly sprout in a single day. Chin hair can appear completely different and even harder than different hairs in your face, and there’s a cause for that. The hairs in your physique can usually be divided into two camps: vellus hairs, that are normally lighter, thinner, and smaller (peach fuzz); and terminal hairs, that are darker, thicker, and longer.

Your physique—together with your face and neck—is roofed in vellus hair, however typically vellus hair can flip into terminal hair, board-certified dermatologist Ife J. Rodney, MD, FAAD, founding director of Everlasting Dermatology and Aesthetics and professor of dermatology at Howard College and George Washington College, tells SELF. The wrongdoer, she says, is normally testosterone; everybody has this hormone of their our bodies, however some individuals produce extra of it than others and every particular person’s hair follicles react to various hormone ranges in a different way. Cis girls “largely have vellus hair with only a few thick darkish hairs on the face,” Cindy Wassef MD, assistant professor on the Rutgers Heart for Dermatology, tells SELF. 

Relying in your well being historical past, it’s possible you’ll be extra susceptible to sturdy physique hair development. Folks with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), for instance, have excessive ranges of androgens (a gaggle of intercourse hormones that features testosterone), which then results in what some contemplate “extreme” hair development.

And, once more, every particular person has a singular hormonal make-up and genetic predispositions, so these random chin hairs are simply a part of what makes you, properly, you. It’s arduous to say precisely why you might need one or two that develop like a weed within the identical spot, however Dr. Rodney says it could possibly occur on a hair follicle by follicle foundation. “I consider it as these specific follicles have a decrease threshold for testosterone,” she says.

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